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My Boyfriend is a Superhero – is yours?

That is the thought on many a girls’ lips these days. And the reason? Well, of course technically it’s very unlikely that he is actually, well, you know, a real life superhero, but if it’s good enough for Ms Hilton then hey, it’s good enough for me.

Yes, the new trendy piece of summer clothing that is a must have with all celeb fashion followers is the My Boyfriend Is A SuperHero T-Shirt (or Tee-Shirt or simply Tee, depending which side of the road you are from :))

This high quality t-shirt (i’m from the right side) has been seen on countless celebs recently, or at least in their shopping bags after recent purchases. So girls, what better way to impress your boyfriend when you are sat outside in those long summer evenings, than wearing a tee shirt that tells the world what you really think of your boyfriend. Who cares if he actually is a superhero? So what if he can’t actually fly, or run faster than a speeding bullet etc. Fact is, he must be awesome at something if he is with you right?

And fellas, looking for a present for your lady that will certainly bring at least a smile to her face? You could a lot worse than this t-shirt. If it’s good enough for Paris Hilton then it should be good enough for the lady in your life. And if you are a real life superhero then think of the irony of this t-shirt, when everything else you do is about hiding your secret identity. Go get ’em Tiger.

Happy Shopping (online of course!)
Wendy Greer is a UK Catalogue enthusiast.
She manages UK Catalogue and keeps it filled with all of the very latest web shopping deals from around the country. New offers and sale details are going up on the site daily – come and check us out.


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